The Darkness


I got distracted from my work by the phone on my desk. I guessed it should be either Gopi or my MD. I had a choice to ignore the call but if it is Gopi then I shouldn’t. He is more than a colleague for me. I grabbed the receiver.

“Hello” I said.

“Busy?” Gopi asked.

“No issues bro tell me” I replied.

“Shall we go to the Cafeteria” Gopi asked.

“Okay, I will be there in five minutes” I said immediately.

Gopi joined me when I was climbing up the stairs. Our cafeteria was in the roof top. Gopi ordered a Cappuccino for him and a double Espresso for me. He knew what I like.

Before our drinks arrived, we started our talk.

“I am restless Sab” Gopi said with a smile.

“I know buddy. I know. That’s the reason you called me here now. This is not our daily Cafe time” I smiled as if I knew everything.

“True. Today is Friday and next Friday is the date for Sahana. Doctor confirmed everything is normal and no need to worry. Everything should go well Sab” Gopi said patiently.

I observed the happiness, expectation and curiosity in Gopi’s face.

Our drinks arrived.

“Anything else Sir?” The waiter asked.

“No dude, bill please” I requested.

I looked straight into Gopi’s eyes and said “Bro, for God’s sake don’t worry about things too much or don’t get excited or don’t expect also. Let it be on the flow. So far everything is going fine, and everything is going to be fine. Relax and concentrate on your work”

I sipped the Espresso and continued,

“Ask Sahana to take utmost care. I thought to speak to her. Anyway, I will speak to her tonight after office hours. Hope she will be free?” I asked.

“Hey call her anytime. She will answer your call” Gopi said.

“Okay leave those things and tell me Girl or Boy?” I raised by eyebrows.

“Girl.” Gopi blushed. “I will take you for a treat wherever you want if it is a girl”

“Oh!!! If it is a boy, you won’t treat me? Fucker.” I showed my face. “A few minutes back I told you not to expect anything. Leave it to the flow. A girl or a Boy, you should be happy and think it is a gift” I raised my voice little more.

“Sorry dude” Gopi raised his arms like a namaskar and smiled.

Our bill arrived.

“I will pay for it” Gopi jumped to the bill. Before him, I snatched the bill and said “Don’t try to pay such small bills and get away. Lot more to come as your turn. You have to wait.” I smiled and paid the bill.

I went to Gopi’s cabin while leaving from office. He was working and not even turned to look at me.

“Gopi I am leaving and listen, you don’t know how many days you will need to take leave after Sahana’s delivery. Plan and finish off your works as soon as possible. So, once you are back after your holiday, you will not be surprised with loads of work” I advised.

Gopi again raised his arms as namaskar. This time we both laughed.

While driving back home, I was thinking about Gopi and Sahana. Gopi is a smarty, by means of look, at work and as a family person. Sahana is no less. She is bold and beautiful. A very attractive lady. Gopi and Sahana are a perfect couple.

When my mom inquired about Sahana yesterday, I told her that Sahana has become more attractive than before. Immediately she told, ‘then Sahana will deliver a girl baby’. I don’t know how she predicted. Let her words come true. But I didn’t mention this to Gopi because he is a man of expectations and I don’t want him to see broken in any situations.

Me, Gopi and Sahana joined office on the same day. We met regularly after office hours and one fine day Gopi opened saying he likes Sahana and he would like to marry her. Bold enough. Me and Sahana were shocked. But Sahana has no reason to ignore Gopi as she also liked him. She agreed to Gopi’s proposal after a week. So, the love story continued as marriage and now they are going to become parents. I smiled and parked my bike.

As a routine I did some workouts for half an hour, took shower, had dinner which was cooked by my maid. Spoke to my mom for ten minutes. Then I dialed Sahana’s number.

“Hello brother, so you made a schedule to call me for every ten days?” Sahana asked.

“Hey no, its about busy days” I laughed.

“You laugh for everything and you will never change” She said sarcastically.

“So? How are things?” She asked.

“Nothing much here. Same routine” I replied.

“Today me and Gopi had a talk. He is very much excited and told me he is not able to concentrate in his work. I gave him few advises and came home.” I said.

“Yes Sab bro. He called me few minutes back and told me everything” she giggled.

“Oh? He told you everything?” I asked.

“Yeah yeah. Also, he told me about your advises and his namaskar” She laughed, and I also joined her laugh.

“How are parents? Are they taking care of you?” I inquired.

“Parents are fine brother. They are taking care of me very well. Poor mom, she is sleepless nowadays as I am unable to sleep properly. So, she also accompanies me” She said.

“I could understand Sahana. Lot more to go. Take care. Say my regards to your parents. I will call you tomorrow. Good night” I concluded.

“Yeah. I will wait for your call for next ten days. Good night” she smiled and said.

I laughed, said bye and disconnected the call.

It was five past eleven. I was not feeling sleepy. So, I started writing.

After my call, Sahana went at the backside of her house to use the bathroom before her sleep. Sahana’s parents live in a village in kumbakonam. It was an old house where the bathroom was built at the backside of the house. If the light is not ON, it will be pitch black where one cannot see if somebody is standing right in front of us.

Sahana kept her hand on the bathroom wall and started searching for the light switch. She heard a ‘hiss’ sound and she felt like something is moving. She immediately rushed to search the switch fast and finally the light switch stuck in her hand. She switched ON the light. She got shocked to see a dark black snake. It was a ‘common krait’ snake which is one of the most venomous snakes in India. It was about six feet long and the snake was lying very close to Sahana’s leg ready to bite. She tried to pull her leg off but of no use. The snake strongly bit her near her thumb and crawled quickly to the nearby bush and could be seen nowhere.

She screamed in pain and fell down. Hearing her scream, her father ran to the backside and saw Sahana struggling to get up. He got scared and helped Sahana to sit on the nearby stairs. She cried in pain and she told her father what has just happened. Her mother also came hearing the noise. Her father immediately tore a cloth which was hung for drying and tied on Sahana’s leg to ensure venom is not getting spread to her body. Sahana couldn’t bear the pain and she continued crying. Her mother couldn’t understand what was happening and she was also crying.

With the help of neighbor’s car they rushed to Tanjore for a good hospital. On the way Sahana’s father called Gopi and informed what has happened. He informed Gopi to come to St.John’s hospital in Tanjore.

It was ten past twelve, Gopi called me. I was still awake writing. I thought ‘this guy, he will not sleep’ and answered the call.

“Sab” Gopi cried.

I stood from my chair.

“Gopi. What happened? Anything serious?” I urged.

No answer.

“Gopi speak something please” I shouted.

“Sab, a snake bit Sahana now” He managed to tell.

I got shocked and kept my mouth shut for a moment. I didn’t show up anything to him. “Wait in your home. I am coming there within half an hour. We will go there by bike. Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine” I said and while speaking I dressed up and rushed to the parking.

It takes seven hours to reach Tanjore from Chennai, but we reached in five hours and thirty minutes. No stops in between. For the whole journey we both didn’t speak but I could feel Gopi was crying. I was unable to convince him. We reached straight to the hospital.

We saw Sahana’s parents sitting outside the ICU. They busted crying as soon as they saw Gopi. I stood in the corner without uttering a word.

By 8.00 am doctor came and stood in front of us with sorry face. Sahana’s mother prayed to all Gods she knew.

“We are forced to inject a lot of antibiotics to Sahana to avoid the venom spreading over her body and kill her. She is safe now, but we couldn’t help the child”. Doctor said by putting his head down.

Sahana’s parents cried aloud that the whole floor started watching us. Gopi collapsed and fainted. We managed to make Gopi lie on the visitor’s bench. Sahana’s parents were trying to wake up Gopi. I went to the washroom and cried. Cried a lot. I was unable to control myself. I wiped my tears, washed my face and went straight to the doctor.

“I have a request doctor” I said.

“Please tell me. How can I help you?” Doctor asked.

“After taking out the child, please don’t show to us. It will hurt everybody here. Please doctor” I begged.

“Sab, its not legal. Somebody from the family has to ensure that they have seen the child and they have to sign the document” Doctor concluded.

“Then show the child to me. I am Sahana’s brother” I said without any choice. Doctor nodded and agreed.

I explained Gopi and Sahana’s parents about what I spoke to doctor. All agreed, and they were still crying.

Next day after operation, I was called inside. I don’t want to see, I went slowly into the theater. Nurse held the baby in her arm and showed to me. I closed my mouth with both my hands. I couldn’t control my tears. I could feel my spine becoming chill and my knees trembling, and I was unable to stand. Doctor found out that I would faint, and he made me to sit in the nearby bed. Again, I cried sitting on the bed. It was a girl baby.

A year passed by now after that horrible incident. Still we are unable to come out of it. Only thing we could able to do is ‘PRAYER’.

In chase of love


10th February 2019

The noise of alarm clock made the whole room shattered. Harish with his one eye closed saw the alarm clock screaming, gave a heavy press on the clock to ensure it keeps quite for a day. Closing his eyes he went close to Anya and hugged her tight from behind who is lying near him. She responded, turned and hugged him back. Harish kissed on her forehead still closing his eyes. Anya hugged him tight and pulled the bed linen to keep the warmth. It is drizzling outside and Harish want to continue his sleep with his beloved wife but being strict on his daily routines he slowly slipped out from the bed and got ready for his morning run.

It was still drizzling and Harish thought it is a good weather to run. Harish’s mind started to wander between the thoughts while running. It is been two years Harish came to this new world and a year back he met Anya. As the name says Anya is a melody, a rhythm of his life. He always thinks that nobody in this world could understand him better than Anya. He felt he is so blessed to get a life like this which nobody could even imagine. He fixed up his mind to open up to Anya today no matter what and she is the only person who should know all things about him.

Anya was ready with the coffee when Harish reached home.

“Hey why did you wake up so early on a Sunday” Harish asked.

“It is okay, I did not feel sleepy” Anya replied.

Anya kept seeing Harish without taking her eyes off from him.

Harish smiled “What? Why are you staring at me like that” He asked.

Anya came very close to Harish’s face. She held his face in her arms and looking straight at his eyes she whispered “I love you”. She tilted her head slightly to reach his lips with hers and started kissing him. Harish held her in her waist and kissed her back. He could merely see Anya’s closed eyes. Still kissing, Harish lifted Anya holding her waist and made her to sit on the table comfortably where they where having coffee few minutes back. He buried his nose in her neck and kissed in her neck so intensely. Their faces are very close and now looking straight into her eyes Harish whispered back,

“I love you and I do not want to lose you in my life for any reason.” They hugged.

Anya broke the silence “Harish, I need to tell you something”.

“Me too dear. I want to tell you something” Saying that Harish’s heart started beating faster.

“Shall we go for a drive and discuss on what we need to tell each other?” Harish asked. Anya always liked a long drive. She immediately nodded her head as approval with a big smile on her face.

Both showered together and quickly got ready for the drive.

“Should I take a beer for you” Anya winked at Harish and asked smiling.

“You look so gorgeous in this blue dress” Harish told.

“I am asking you something and you are replying something else” Anya replied with a smile and shy on her face.

“Yeah grab a beer too. Let him come along with us. Ha ha.” Harish replied on a happy tone. Harish got excited about the drive but still he was thinking of how he is going to start telling about him to Anya. He did not show off his troublesome thoughts to Anya.

It is a long coastal road and the climate is breezy. A perfect climate for a long drive.

Anya offered him the beer. With beer in one hand and steering in an other hand, Harish kept driving. (DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE)

“You said you want to tell me something?” Harish asked.

“You also told you want to tell me something. You tell me first” Anya replied.

“Ladies first” Harish told smiling.

“Let us go some more distance, then I will tell you” Anya said.

Meanwhile they discussed about their friends, office and so many things. Harish almost finished his beer and insisted Anya to tell her what she want to say.

“I am pregnant. You are going to be a Father” She said smiling.

Harish was so excited and he did not knew how to react to it. His face was glowing with happiness, Anya could see that. Both started smiling.

Harish, to show off his happiness, excitement and love on Anya, He tried to kiss her on her cheek while driving the car. Since he was drunk, he was unable to control the steering of the car which made the car to move on to its extreme left where the road was so steep. The vehicle rolled twice in a second and stopped upside down.

The seat belt kept both still in the same position. Anya became conscious in a while and tried to look Harish. Her vision was so blurry. She managed to remove her belt and with difficulty she opened the jammed door. She came to the other side of the car and tried opening the door of Harish but she could not. She started screaming seeing his condition. Harish’s head got severely injured and it is bleeding from his ears too. Harish started murmuring something. Anya went to the road for help but nobody stopped. She again came running to Harish and tried her best to open the door. She kept crying telling his name again and again. Now she could barely hear what Harish was saying.

“I am sorry Anya.” His voice stammered. He was unable to speak.

“Harish, you are okay baby. Hold on. I am there. I am there to save you” She cried.

Harish held her hand tight. Still his position is upside down and bleeding. “I will come for you. I love you than anything in this world” His voice stammered and he is unable to speak.

Anya ran again to the road seeking for help. A car stopped and the driver got down. Anya and the driver came running to Harish but there was no trace of Harish in the car. Shockingly Anya looked around for Harish’s presence but he is nowhere. There is no way he could able to get out of the car so quickly from the jammed door and there is no traces of blood also.

Anya fainted.

                                                                                                             To be continued….

The Boy


We thoroughly enjoyed the movie that was recently released. It was 1.15 am when the movie got over and on the way back home we were chatting about the movie scenes and songs which we were really impressed off.

After dropping my friend in his house, I started back to my house. The distance was hardly one kilometer for me to travel back to my house. It was so dark and creepy than usual and suddenly I remembered my Mother told me in the morning that day, that it was no moon day. With only light of my bike and flickering street lights of that gloomy road I was managing my vision on the road. No vehicles passing by, perhaps it was not an usual time. When I was half way passed through the road, I noticed a boy walking on the side of the road on the same way towards my house. He would be roughly 4-5 years old. In the dark, the face of the boy was barely visible but I could still see his torn blue shirt and a dirty khaki trouser. He kept walking by his head down. With little hesitation and out of sympathy I slowed down my bike and went close to the boy to check why he is alone in the dark. If required I thought to drop him for a distance if he really required any help.

My other side of mind was still telling me not to stop for any reason and this could be a trap for a robbery (the street in which I was driving back is well known for robbery during late nights). Mind boggling. I went very close to the boy without stopping my bike and started driving in the speed of the boy’s walk. I stumbled to drive more slower than that. Something stopped me from talking to the kid and when I was very close to the boy, I didn’t give a second thought (I don’t know why), I just throttled my bike and went little far and took a chance to see the boy through my rear view mirror of the bike. My heart skipped a beat, the boy was not there. What I thinking was right? A ghost?

I didn’t even think of turning back to check on the boy. I throttled my bike further as fast as possible on the pitch black road never thinking of what was in front of me.

After a minute of driving at the same speed I was little relaxed because I was about to reach my house. By the time from my left side of the bike I heard the sound of bare foot running. I thought it was a dog started chasing me in the dark but I didn’t bother to look at that side because dogs cannot run at the speed in which I was driving the bike. Shockingly, the sound of bare foot continued to come along with me. Praying all the Gods I know, I slowly turned to my left and noticed the same boy was running along with my bike speed where, even an athlete cannot run. He was looking straight into my eyes. I still remember his angry green eyes staring at me. All of a sudden I felt an unbearable pain in my spinal cord from top to bottom and I started gasping for breath.

Looking at my eyes, with the same pace of running, the boy told “YOU SHOULD HAVE STOPPED WHEN YOU SAW ME. WHY DIDN’T YOU DO THAT?” The voice was so ghostly that it was a mixture of a 50 year old Man and a 5 year old Kid. Hearing the voice I pulled my front wheel break knowingly and unknowingly which threw me off from my bike for some distance. Now I could hear the scratching sound of my bike. With unbearable pain all over my body, after seconds all went black.

I don’t remember for how long I was unconscious but still it was dark. I want to urge to my house as soon as possible. I do not want to be in the same place horrified. I was unable to get up as I did not recognize from where the pain was from my body. I could smell the blood and understood my nose was bleeding. Got up after struggling for a while, limping I went to lift my bike. I could only see the mirrors and lights were broken and the scratches on my bike were not visible in the dark. Crying due to pain, I lifted my bike and ignited the engine again. Luckily it got started in a single stroke. In few minutes I reached my house. First thing I went to see the mirror to find out how much I got hurt. Blood from nose, bruises on my chin, scratches on my elbow and knee. Torn off pant and shirt made my look so weird. I did nothing. I switched off the lights and came to bed to gather some sleep but the green eyes and the incident started bugging me. I was asleep.

After a while I again woke up hearing a crying sound of a kid. I was awestruck and I was sure that this is the same boy whom I saw in the road. I was unable to get up from my bed due to pain but still I managed to rush to switch on the light of my bedroom. My nose started bleeding again and I started to gasp for breath seeing the same boy sitting at the corner of my bed closing his face with his hands and crying loudly. I leaned to the wall by my back touching the wall.

Without showing my fear but still shivering I asked him “Who are you”. He didn’t respond. This time with fear and anger I shouted “Who the hell are you and What do you want?”. The boy slowly removed his hand from his face and turned to me. With his burning green angry eyes he shouted at me back “YOU SHOULD HAVE STOPPED WHEN YOU SAW ME. WHY DIDN’T YOU DO THAT?”.

Power went off and my whole world became dark again.

An Unsung Fighter


During dusk of the day, Bhanwari and her husband were finishing up their daily routine in the field, when five Men from nowhere jumped in front of them and started beating Bhanwari’s husband with iron rods and sticks which made him to bleed and unconscious. By pushing Bhanwari down, the strongest of the gang held her hands on top of her head. She started to scream and shout as much as she could but all was in vain. No God or Human was their at the time to rescue her. Each of the Men in the gang took their turn to rape her several times. Now its turn of the strongest in the gang which made her to cry to the extreme. When all the five Men shown off their anger and revenge, they ran away thrashing the women. Tired of screaming and the pain she went through made her drowsy but still conscious.

After few hours, Bhanwari and her husband managed their way to their nearest co-worker Rasila Sharma and reported what had happened. Shocked, she took Bhanwari and her husband to the police station to lodge a First Information Report (FIR). After surmounting police skepticism and indifference, police were reluctant to record the complaint. Police asked Bhanwari to submit her lehenga (long skirt) as evidence. She covered herself with her husband’s blood stained turban and submitted her lehenga. Broken mentally and physically she started walking to her home at one o clock in the night along with her husband.

The indifference continued next day also in the hospital, where the male doctor refused to examine and treat her since there was no female doctor in the hospital. So he sent Bhanwari to an other medical jurist who again refused to treat her without orders from Magistrate. As a result, the vaginal swab (a technique used in Gynecology to obtain a discharge from the vagina. It is commonly used to test for the bacterial infection) was taken after 52 hours of rape. But as per Indian law, the test has to be done within 24 hours of rape. Her scratches and bruises were not recorded, and her complaints of physical discomfort were ignored.

In the district and sessions court in Jaipur, five judges has been changed and the sixth judge dismissed the case and acquitted all the five accused stating that the accused were not guilty and Bhanwari’s husband couldn’t have watched his wife being gang raped. A state MLA organized a victory rally in the state capital Jaipur for the five accused who were now declared not guilty.

The horrific incident of gang rape in Bhanwari’s life was happened on 22nd September 1992 after Bhanwari protested and stopped a child marriage as a social worker of Women’s development project. Ram Karan Garjar, planned to marry off his nine month old daughter with the support of his family and community. When Bhanwari took actions against the marriage, which was legally stopped by state government of Rajasthan, the Garjar community (which was the biggest community in Rajasthan by that time) made Bhanwari and her family to boycott the society. The supply of basic daily needs has been stopped for her family. When her Mother died, her brothers and others did not allow her to participate in the funeral.

After all these nightmares, Bhanwari was strong enough to fight for her justice. She approached the Women’s organizations for her judgement and it was Vishaka organization along with four other Women’s organizations in Rajasthan filed a petition against state of Rajasthan. This has popularly came to be known as Vishaka Guidelines. The judgment of August 1997 provided the basic definitions of sexual harassment at the workplace and provided guidelines to deal with it. It is seen as a significant legal victory for women’s groups in India. Bhanwari’s case shaped the women’s movement in India. The Bhanwari case is said by some to have encouraged more rape victims to prosecute their rapists.

Bhanwari received honors both nationally and internationally. She was invited to be a part of the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing.She was awarded the Neerja Bhanot Memorial Award carrying ₹1 Lakh cash prize, for her “extraordinary courage, conviction and commitment”.

In 2002, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot, allotted a residential plot to Bhanwari Devi and announced a grant of ₹40,000 for construction of a house on the plot. He also sanctioned an additional amount ₹10,000 for the education of her son.

As a fighter and as her attackers, Bhanwari continued to stay in the same village, and when asked by a reporter if she ever feel afraid?, She replied,

“Not for a minute. What is there to fear? They can kill us only once”

Amidst of all her struggle she went through for 26 years after the incident, Bhanwari is still awaiting for THE JUSTICE, where two of the accused are already died and only three left out.



The Voice

Epilepsy – Some people call it as a neurological disease. It as an ecstatic experience provoked by hearing a particular kind of sound or music.  I googled it and found that there are only 150 reported cases. Some people hear a bell sound or roaring sound and some people hear it as a voice.


I came home that night by 11.30 pm after my tiring long day in work. Opened the door and saw the dark house. I switched on the lights immediately to escape from thinking of loneliness and went to my bedroom. Damn tired and hungry. Tried to grab a quick dinner and opened the lid of pan (Its my maid’s routine to cook dinner for me daily by 4 pm). Two to three cockroaches came running out of the pan (They were enjoying my maid’s food like me). Frustrated and cursed my maid in all the languages I know, I went to bed by having a glass of water (a temporary solution to overcome the hungriness).

Lying in bed, looking at the dark ceiling and questioning myself about the lonely life I am leading has become a regular practice for me. Coming home late, will have dinner if available, lie on the bed and don’t know when I used to sleep. Four to five hours of sleep has become a routine.

That night was not different than other nights. I remember I was lying in bed, looking at the dark ceiling for few minutes but this time I busted out into tears. Out of frustration in work, missing my daughter’s phone calls, poor dinner, less sleep, tired. Tired of this life. I started hating this lonely life. I wept for how many minutes, hours, I don’t remember. I am not aware when I fell asleep. But that sleep couldn’t last long.  I was woken up by a dream. The silence which I was experiencing was like lying under a river bed where you can only hear the sound of flowing water. You feel like you are departed from the noise of outside world. But that silence was broken by a lady voice, asking me ‘’Are you okay, or are you still crying?’’. I said, “I am still crying. I will cry till my loneliness is taken away from me”. The voice replied, “You will be alright soon”. I suddenly woke up from my sleep gasping for breath. Gulped a glass of water and checked time in my hand phone, it was 2.30 am. After that I couldn’t sleep.

It all started like this. I am unable to concentrate on my work the next day. I was very much disturbed by the voice I heared. With work pressure I started rolling on with my daily works and reached home late. Had dinner because luckily there was no cockroaches crawling out of the pan. Switched of lights and went to bed. Started staring at the dark ceiling. Feeling lost, I was about to fall asleep. Again, I heared the lady voice. But this time, am sure it was not a dream. I jumped out of my bed and switched on the lights to check is there anybody in my house. I went to each room carefully to ensure there is nobody. To reconfirm, I shouted to break the silence ‘’Is somebody out there?’’. The voice replied ‘’Yes, am here. But you can’t see me. You can only hear me’’. That was really a scary moment in my life. Not to show that I am scared I kept asking questions.

Me: Who are you? Why can’t I see you? How did you come here? What do you want from me?

Voice: My friend, first don’t get scared. I am not here to hurt you. I am in a mission. I want to spread happiness. I am seeing you being lost and I want to tell you that I am there for you. You can share your sorrows to me. No matter what. I do not want anything from you apart from your sorrows and happiness that you share with me.

Me: I am unable to solve my own problems, then how you will solve my problems?

Voice: I am not here to solve your problems my friend. I am here to hear your problems.

Me: What is the difference between hearing the problems and solving the problems? How will it help me?

Voice: You will understand the difference soon. Now you go to sleep. Morning you need to wake up early. You have hardly 5 hours. Don’t think of anything. Calm down and sleep tight. Everything is going to be alright soon. Bye for now.

After the above conversation the voice diminished. But believe it or not, even though I was confused, scared and frustrated by the voice’s interference in my personal world, I slept peacefully that night after a long time.

Next day I rushed to my house after office challenges. Quickly had my dinner and went to bed. I don’t want to call the voice but my curiosity to hear the voice urged me. So I started,

Me: Are you there?


Me: I want to talk to you.

Voice: Yes, am here. How was your day? Hope you had a good one.

Me: Not a good one but I survived. Quiet many challenges. Some were interesting, I learnt from it but some were really a trouble. Managed the day.

Voice: Good to hear that you managed your day. Had your dinner well?

Me: Yes. I am done. How was your day? You had dinner?

Voice: Yes my day was also a survival one but managed. Had my dinner too.

Like this, the conversations continued. I started sharing my happiness and sorrows to the voice and she started to share hers. The night conversations became day conversations too. In the office,  I used to speak to the voice in my mind and she started responding.

I started feeling happy to know that somebody is there to hear me. To hear my problems and happiness. I felt relieved and I started understanding the difference of hearing the problems of others and solving the problems of others. I started doing this to my friends and family members too.

Nowadays many people’s worry is not because of the problems around them, it is because nobody is there to hear their problems. When I started hearing my loved ones problems, they felt very much relieved and started saying thanks for hearing their problems. A simple task to make others happy which I learnt from the voice.

The relationship between me and the voice became deeper and deeper day by day. I started sharing each and everything that happens to me in a day. She also did the same to me and she said she is very happy that I started the same mission with other people.

One day the voice said that she want to leave. I am collapsed and broken after several months.

Me: But why you want to leave? Did I make any mistake? You are angry with me?

Voice: No No No. Am very much happy with you. I am seeing nowadays you are happy. My mission with you is completed. As I told my task is to spread the happiness. I got an other task. So I need to move on.

Me: So you want me to see lost again?

Voice: You will be happy. You are going to be with your family again from tomorrow which you were longing for years.

Me: Yes I know but still I want you.

Voice: I will be with you around. Whenever you feel lost or lonely just call me. I will be there for you to hear you. Don’t think you are alone. Now you go to sleep, its already time up. Good night.

I don’t know what time I slept. I woke up by the alarm from my hand phone and started getting ready to pick my family from airport.

Even I am with my family now, I think of her (the voice) in corner of my heart always. She was my friend, father, mother, wife, daughter whomever I felt comfortable with when nobody was there with me. I know she will be thinking of me too…

A real Super Hero

Have you believed in Superheros? Have you got ever excited about Superhero movies. I do got excited when i saw the movie ‘Spider Man’ when the movie hit the theaters in 2002 I remember. After watching the first superhero movie I became a fan of Spiderman. A man who can save the world with his “spider-sense” (his ability to cling tenaciously and his subconscious ability to sense everything in his surroundings).


These craziness about superheros where for few years until I became a father in 2010. We heared the first cry in our home of baby girl. Still I remember the excitement when my wife informed me in a phone call that we are blessed with a baby girl (I started flying in Air with loads of love, tears, curiosity to see my girl).

When she started growing, we started to plan for her schooling (In Chennai of-course – because we live in Chennai), my daughter’s next stage in her life. My next stage of life too. As a parent, our daily routines to take care of her, inbetween our daily official works. Coming late at night and doing her home works (now-a-days parents has to do more home works than students, else our kids cant perform well in school. This is the logic even though it is illogical). Busy weekends to pick her and drop her in additional classes.

In addition to that, with my pure consciousness, I became father for the second time in 2014. I was blessed with baby boy. Again I was on top of all excitements in the world. All people blessed us saying that a girl and a boy makes a complete family. Still I feel to thank all the blessings. Now we (Me and my wife) became super busy forgetting the other persons in our life. Because we do not have time to take care of ourselves.

When the life is busy, the almighty gives us many chances to think about our parents. Those are the instances where we will realize about the level of dedication and sacrifices they did in their life to bring us up to this level where we are now. Even though my Father is a Railway employee (his salary is not enough to run the family for a full month), he made our (Me and my brother’s) life full. He gave us sufficient education, tried badly to make me a IT professional (I disobeyed because my dream and goal was different). He pushed me to write many exams for a job in Railway (I said upfront that i don’t want to live a budgeted life like him). At one point of time he stopped pushing me and let me in my own way. I chose the carrier that I loved from my childhood (I don’t know why), but the bone behind me was my Father (I proudly say).

I have never seen my Father wearing a costly shoe, costly dress or ate costly food. But when it comes to us, he has never been strict on the attires that we select and foods we eat. He is neither rich nor poor. He is leading a simple life. As simple as that.

When I got selected for my first job and I want to move to Chennai, his advice was only one. “Be disciplined. Work is secondary but discipline in work is more important”. Hope am following that principle till now. I have never seen him going late to office. Never taken a leave for lame reasons. He was a hard worker (now retired), a pure hard worker. Good at heart, helping minded when it comes to problem of others (ignoring his own difficulties). Never let us down for any reasons.

When I started living my own life, my own family, My Father became my first role model for me. Many things in life I started copying from my Father the way how he was living his life. I should say this – He was very attached to his parents and he has never let them down also. Now he became old and he expects only one thing from me daily. Atleast one phone call to hear my voice and say I am okay today. Even I am not calling, I can see at the least one missed call from him when I reach home after my hectic office hours. I know, telling the reason like I am busy will not satisfy him (even I will not get satisfied to tell that reason even it is true).

For many lucky people (like Me), the character of a super hero starts from their own home – Our Father. But it will take time to realize the fact. Instead we will be searching and admiring the superheros in movies. Lately when I started realizing my Father’s value, I made a habit of calling him daily. A talk between us for less than five minutes satisfied both of us. Whenever I get a chance I started spending time with him, talking about various subjects. These are becoming my valuable times nowadays.

My son is 3 years old now. Knowingly or unknowingly he is a big fan of spiderman. When he told me that he like spiderman very much, I asked him, why?. There was no answer. He smiled and his hands started moving in air like spiderman to take the web out of his hand. I also smiled in happiness because one day I will also become his superhero when he starts realizing and living his own life.

Life goes on.

“Love your parents and treat them with loving care for you will only know their value when you see their empty chair”

Dad – You are my Superhero forever.



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